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Abundant Life China Grove

As we enter this new chapter in our journey, we are thrilled to extend a warm welcome to all within the China Grove community. Abundant Life Church International is excited to introduce itself to this wonderful neighborhood and share our vision for the future of our congregation.

Our Vision

Our vision is rooted in creating a vibrant space that fosters growth, community, and spiritual enrichment. One of our primary goals is to optimize our building to serve as a sanctuary for Sunday services, providing an inviting environment for worship and fellowship. Our plan includes innovative youth suites designed to cater from infants to millennials. These suites will boast a podcast studio, catering to the evolving needs and interests of our younger members, equipping them for a life of faith and service.

Community Engagement

Additionally, as part of our vision, we intend to make limited office spaces available for rent within our facility, aiming to foster partnerships and collaborations within the community. Furthermore, the space will be open for event rentals, encouraging a diverse array of gatherings and engagements, uniting us further as a community.

Phase 1

To materialize this vision, we're launching the Give Campaign in two phases. Our primary phase aims to raise $100,000, encompassing the architect fees for designing the renovation plans, hiring an engineer, and facilitating upgrades to the fire safety system for our revamped building layout. This initial step will pave the way for the broader renovation plan, anticipated to cost between $1.5-2 Million. As we progress, the architectural plans will offer a precise estimate of the overall renovation expenses. Join us in this significant endeavor to transform our space and serve the community with enhanced safety, functionality, and purpose.

Kingdom Builders

Contributing to the Kingdom Builder Fund or committing to being a Kingdom Builder is an intentional step toward going beyond our regular tithe and offering. It's an opportunity to invest in the larger vision of expanding God's kingdom here on earth. As Kingdom Builders, we choose to elevate our giving by making additional contributions, demonstrating our commitment to support the growth of our church, outreach initiatives, community projects, and various missions beyond our regular giving. It's about sacrificially sowing into the greater work of God, enabling us to reach farther, impact more lives, and fulfill His purposes in a larger scope.

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